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We design, manufacture and install the full range of internals for towers and reactors.

'Everything' from trays, distributors, supports, demisters, random and structured packing, quench rings, feed pipes, center pipes, scallops and much more...

About Euroslot Kdss

Wedge Wire Technology

The wedge wire surface is obtained by combining v-shaped wires and supports that are resistance welded. Juxtaposed wires, suitably spaced, determine the filtering surface.

Our production capabilities enable this metallic structure to be manufactured either in the form of a cylinder (Ø of 21mm to Ø 956mm by 6 metres long), or in the form of flat panels (2800 mm along the slots × 4500 mm).

Our industry expertise and our modern manufacturing facilities mean we can adapt Euroslot Kdss screens to meet your specific requirements.

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Mass Transfer & Reactor Internals

Mass Transfer and Reactor Internals

From our own modern manufacturing facilities we develop and manufacture internals such as sieve, valve, bubble cap, cartridge and baffle trays. We manufacture distributors, random packing, structured packing and de-misters to the highest quality standards.



We are a leading supplier of metallic filtration separation media – which are widely used in potable, waste and industrial water treatment; food industries as sugar, starch and beverage process; paper mills for fibre screening and coating.

Well Screens

Well Screens

Euroslot Kdss is a leading supplier of Well Screen solutions to the Oil & Gas and the Water industries, with a strong focus on operational efficiency, maximum safety and cost optimisation.

Site Services

Site Services

Our experienced Site Managers provide a single or multiple discipline approach that ranges from pre-shutdown planning to shutdown completion. We work closely with our clients in all elements of a shutdown necessary to complete the works safely and efficiently.

The Euroslot Kdss group was formed from the merger of two companies in order to provide a unique breadth and depth of expertise across a range of industry sectors – from petrochemicals and refineries to water treatment, filtration, food processing and the paper industry.

Euroslot Kdss French Offices

Euroslot was recognized as one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of high performance reactor internals. The company had developed a strong international presence, specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial filtration/separation equipment using wedge wire technology.

Kdss specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of mass transfer internals. Kdss has developed strong positions in Europe and North America in the refining/petrochemical market. KDSS employed some of the most experienced personnel in the Mass Transfer industry.

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Euroslot Kdss's Worldwide Reach

All over the world, refineries, petrochemical plants, water, gas and pharmaceutical companies trust Euroslot Kdss's expertise to deliver high tech products and services, safely, on time, on budget.

Clients value our ability to take on new projects and ideas, where more traditional companies can be bound by rigid procedures or menu solutions. At Euroslot Kdss, we understand your processes, speak you language.

Quality & Saftey

Quality doesn't just happen. It's engineered into our manufacturing and into our services. That means using the latest laser technology, including laser welding techniques. Using modern production control systems to ensure the highest visibility, while improving efficiencies in the workshops.

And we invest heavily in the development of sophisticated software solutions to optimise processes and to ensure strength, safety and integrity throughout our projects.

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Our clients recognise the benefits of working with a partner who has a proven breadth and depth of expertise across a whole range of process applications. Euroslot Kdss brings that wealth of experience to design, manufacture, installation and support across many different areas - including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Crude Distillation Units
  • Condensate Stabilisers
  • Demethanisers
  • De-Ethanisers
  • Depropanisers
  • Debutanisers
  • De-Isobutanisers
  • Ethanol Distillation
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